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Addenda® is an A-brand for flowering plants, with all the associated benefits. If plants have our trademark, you are assured of absolute top quality. Each plant has its own brand and unique character, so you can specifically choose the one that suits you.     
In addition to outstanding quality, we guarantee you can benefit from an ever-expanding range. During product development, fulfilling the wishes of consumers is always central.    

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Enjoy a flowering garden and patio! 



The Hebe from Addenda® is an evergreen plant that will display dazzling blooms until late autumn.   Hebe is also known as the shrubby veronica. Butterflies and bees simply adore Hebe because of its nectar-rich flowers. Hebe has a long flowering period, right up until the first frosts. Extend that wonderful summery feel until the last days of sunshine.  



The abundant display of flowers produced by the Campanula Addenda® is the star attraction of your garden. This perennial will flourish indoors and outdoors. With their classic and cheerful appearance, the Campanulas from Addenda® are perhaps the most rewarding plants you could imagine, with varieties and colours to suit various styles of garden. 



The Maori® plants are trendy and unique, and perfectly consistent with an minimalist style. Less is more is the ideal saying for these unusual (branch-shaped) plants. However, due to their modest greenery, the plants provide a lot of atmosphere in a room and represent the nature. The Maori® plant is suitable for indoors and outdoors (-5 gr).

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Visit Addenda® at the Plantarium-GROEN-direkt fair on 24th & 25th August 2022!

Bezoek Addenda tijdens The Green Retail Fair | Plantarium|GROEN-Direkt op 24 & 25 augustus van 07.00 - 17.00 uur in het International Trade Centre te Hazerswoude-Dorp! Voor meer informatie en registratie, ga naar > https://plantariumgroendirekt.nl/