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Addenda® is an A-brand for flowering plants, founded by a growers' association. As one of the very first growers' associations in the Netherlands, we offer a huge range of Campanulas and Hebes. From plants in small pots, to pots for patios, terraces and hanging wall planters.     

If plants have our trademark, you are assured of absolute top quality. Each plant has its own brand and unique character, so you can specifically choose the one that suits you.  In addition to outstanding quality, we guarantee you can benefit from an ever-expanding range. During product development, fulfilling the wishes of consumers is always central. Every year around 1,000 new cultivars obtained by crossing are scrutinised by our growers - only the very best pass the inspection.    

We achieve this in combination with environmentally friendly cultivation methods. We use natural predators as far as possible to control any pests and diseases.