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For Addenda®, 2018 was the year in which the joint ambition became even more apparent; they made fundamental changes on sustainability. The primary objective of Addenda® was to make their products and chain substantially more sustainable, in other words: make the difference. From Licence to Produce to added value to consumers and the chain.


With this vision in mind, they have been actively looking for sustainable packaging materials, such as labels. In 2019, Addenda® will switch from labels that have always been made of polypropylene to 100% biodegradable labels. The main ingredient of the labels is cellulose, which is biodegradable. The material is FSC-certified and 100% renewable. The bio-based coating on both sides ensures that the labels are water resistant. And they are easy to recycle in existing waste flows so that no valuable raw materials are wasted.


Furthermore, less energy such as fossil fuels are used to produce bio-based materials, and CO2 emissions during the production of these materials are generally lower — all factors which Addenda® also monitors and improves in their own chain.