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Care tips

At Addenda® we understand that you want to enjoy your garden plants for as long as possible. Our growers make every effort to produce strong, resistant plants. There are also things you can do to get optimal pleasure from your plants. This page gives you some tips!
If you have any questions about how to care for your plants, please feel free to contact us. 

care tips Campanula

  • I like water - but not too much. Twice a week is quite sufficient.
  • With a little tender loving care, I will bloom several times a year.
  • Remove any dead flowers so I produce new flowers for longer.
  • I like a shady spot, but I also flourish in indirect sunlight.


Flowering period: May-August


care tips Hebe

  • Because I flower profusely, I like a lot of water.
  • Remove my dead flowers so I can continue to bloom in abundance until the first frosts.
  • Butterflies and bees are my best friends. If I am in a garden, I attract them to come and visit.
  • I just love the heat, so place me in direct sunlight.


Flowering period: June-October