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Flowering plants make you happy, and you help make the bees happy! 

Be(e) Friendly 

Be(e) Friendly says it all; let's be kind to each other! Enjoy the flowers and plants around you. Flowers and plants make you happy! And happiness is something we can all do with at the moment. Precisely now when we are having to spend more time in and around the home, flowering plants can bring a welcome boost of colour to our daily lives. And we have to continue taking good care of our environment and nature. By creating a varied garden with various nectar-rich, flowering plants such as campanula Ambella® and Adansa®, you provide the bees and butterflies with a great source of nutrition. The bellflower (campanula) is a real magnet for bees and butterflies. Bees need our help, and everyone can do their bit by creating more biodiversity in the garden!

This spring, Addenda® is presenting the ‘Be(e) Friendly’ concept. 80% of the plants on earth depend on bees.  Bees pollinate the plants and make sure they can reproduce. They are also essential to pollinate the plants we grow in our gardens and agricultural crops. Without bees, we wouldn't be able to eat nuts, fruit, vegetables and chocolate, for example.  Bees are in grave danger. There is widespread, massive bee mortality worldwide which poses a serious threat to our food chain. The main cause of this is a lack of food for bees. In recent years, more and more bee populations have disappeared due to increasing deforestation and use of hard surfaces.

With its ‘Be(e) Friendly’ concept, Addenda® aims to inspire and teach consumers what they can do to save the bees and in doing so contribute to greater biodiversity in their gardens, balconies, patios and/or surroundings. And just how fun and easy this can be. The ‘Be(e) Friendly’ concept consists of a communication pack for the point of sale that inspires and informs consumers in a modern and informative way about how they can help bees. This combines with the Addenda® range of Ambella® and Adansa® in various colours and sizes. The pack consists of an original bee box, bee hearts, attractive banners and an appealing information poster that informs consumers about the many species of bees there actually are. This spring, the concept will be rolled out by our team in various garden centres (where possible) in Europe in consultation with these outlets and promoted through various trade channels. We will also support this campaign with communication posted on our social media channels.


House plant of the month April

In April you can enjoy campanulas Adansa® and Ambella® in a variety of vibrant colours such as purple, lavender, pink and white. Campanula has been declared (house) plant of the month of April by the Flower Council Holland. The bellflower is a versatile plant that you can enjoy indoors and outdoors. It is happy indoors during the first display of flowers. Once the outdoor temperature starts to rise you can plant the Addenda® varieties Ambella® and Adansa® in the border as an attractive ground cover plant, in a patio pot or a beautiful hanging basket and they will reward you with a repeated display. To encourage these hardy plants to repeat bloom, fertilise regularly for the best display and it is important to deadhead and cut back old stems. Plant Addenda® campanulas in a semi-shaded spot or out of direct sunlight. As long as they are well drained, they will grow almost everywhere!

Fortunately, there are still plenty of possibilities to richly fill your garden with beautiful plants and you can visit garden centres, florists or shop online.

So, brighten up your balcony, terrace or garden and experience the joy of gardening!