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Due to new developments regarding virus COVID-19 we give you an update from Addenda®:

We, the growers and staff from Addenda Growers association, follow the latest developments about the Corona virus. Addenda growers and staff will follow strictly the rules and regulations following guide lines by the RIVM. Addenda growers and their staff will continue work at the green houses and take care of the plants with much love. 

  • Addenda growers take extra hygiene measures for their staff
  • Addenda growers ask their staff to stay home with a cold or other disease symptoms
  • Addenda staff work at home if possible.

Addenda Growers will take their responsibilty. Coming time will be a tough time for everyone. Can't you visit your loved ones because of corona, do you need to stay home for your children or for your work and are you in personal need for some happiness or cosiness;

There are various options to continue to surround yourself with flowers and plants;

  • Online - like the Addenda webshop for Dutch orders or other webshops for flowers and plants.
  • Grocery stores
  • Other retail such as construction markets (if they are still open in your country) 
  • Garden centers (if they are still open in your country) 
  • Flower shops (if they are still open in your country) 
We wish everyone a lot of strength and let's be nice for each other. 
And remember that everyone likes to receive a beautiful plant during this hard times.