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New: AMbella Pink

Give your garden, patio or house a colour boost with the brand new Ambella® Pink by Addenda®. This intense pink Campanula immediately makes your space warmer and more atmospheric, especially when you combine it with other Ambella colours. It is an easy-care plant that flowers almost all year round. What a bright prospect!

Strong and refined
Ambella® Pink is a Campanula. This super strong plant originally hails from the Dalmatian mountains and is well-loved for its refined, bell-shaped flowers, bright colours and extra long flowering time. Already available in white, lavender and purple, Addenda® now presents a unique innovation in a stylish pink shade: Ambella® Pink.

Paradise for bees and butterflies

Do you want your garden to be more attractive to bees and butterflies? Then you should definitely make space for Ambella® Pink. As with all campanulas, this variety carries an unbelievable amount of nectar, which bees and butterflies love. And because this plant flowers repeatedly from early spring until late autumn, they provide food for beneficial insects over a long period of time, which is good for people the environment.

Just add love

A place in partial shade, water twice a week, some fertiliser once a month and a bit of love now and then – that’s all Ambella® Pink asks for. On hot, sunny days it’s a good idea to water once a day. And, by deadheading the flowers, you can ensure that Ambella® Pink blooms longer. In the winter months, the plant has a little rest. But as soon as spring arrives, its tightly packed flower clusters soon return. Pretty in pink!

mix & MATCH

Ambella® Pink is a perfect addition to the Ambella colour palette. Combine this plant with one of the three other shades for a two-tone effect.

·       Ambella® White

·       Ambella® Intense Purple

·       Ambella® Lavender

The entire Ambella range is available in various pot sizes from 10.5 cm to 30 cm, ranging from growing pots to elegant hanging pots, patio pots, bowls and hanging pouches for your garden or patio.


Ambella® Pink: Atmospheric and long-flowering

·       Matches the other Ambella shades perfectly

·       Blooms a couple of times a year

·       Needs very little attention

·       Does well inside and outside

·       Can withstand (freezing) cold temperatures